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Stepping Stones of Hope
Stepping Stones of Hope
3039 W Peoria Ave Ste 102- 294
Phoenix, AZ 85029
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Grief Camp for Kids, Families & Grown-ups

Camp Paz - For Kids and Grown-Ups Camp Paz (Paz means Peace in Spanish) was created in 1999 to give children whose lives have been interrupted by the death of a loved one, and who may be struggling with their feelings, an opportunity to be around others who are living the same experience. At camp, children learn that they are not alone and realize the feelings they experience while grieving are normal. Through laughter and through tears, these children are given the chance to realize that they are not alone. How do you reach out to a child or teenager after they experience the death of a loved one? When a life is interrupted by the death of a loved one, there is a need to talk about the good times and memories, as well as the pain. In a fun-filled environment, children and their families learn they are not alone and realize the thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing are normal. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR CAMP PAZ! DATES: October 28-29, 2023 LOCATION: Whispering Hope Ranch, Payson, AZ To register for a camp, please call the Stepping Stones of Hope main office at (602) 264-7520 or emailing us at info@steppingstonesofhope.org.
Expires: Oct. 25th, 2023